Instant paperless freedom.

Instant paperless freedom.

Free your time and free your mind with Citibank Electronic Statements and Electronic Advices. You no longer have to waste time searching for a specific statement or banking notification. Instead, enjoy the simple pleasure of conveniently accessing your banking or transaction information in a searchable online archive, anytime and anywhere.



Citibank Electronic Statements

Citibank Electronic Statements

This service replaces your monthly paper statements with the electronic version. To ensure your viewing convenience, your Citibank Electronic Statements will come in the same format as the paper statements you are used to.

Citibank Electronic Advices

Different types of advices in the form of paper notifications are sent to your mailing address every time you make a banking transaction, such as transfer of money, update of particulars, etc. Citibank Electronic Advice service lets you receive these advices electronically via Citibank Online or through your email, instead of paper notifications.


Paperless Benefits

Enroll today to experience these benefits.

  • Reduce Paper Clutter

    No more filing of paper statements & transaction notifications, we do the organization for you.

  • Access Historical Data

    Store up to 84* months worth of Electronic Statements and 24 months worth of Electronic Advices.

  • Save Time

    Search for specific statements or advices with just a few clicks.

  • No Delays

    Receive your statements and advices instantly without waiting for the mail.

  • Greater Convenience

    Choose to receive your statements and advices directly in your email inbox.

  • Added Security

    Paper statements and advices can be intercepted in the mail. By going paperless, your information is housed in a secured archive and only accessible by you.

  • Save the Environment

    Reduce paper waste to keep environment clean and green for generations to come.

How to Enroll

2 simple ways to enroll today

Online (Instant)

Login to Citibank Online
Enter your enrollment details
Verify and complete your application


Print and complete the Enrollment Form and fax it back to us at+65 6632 4759+65 6632 4759.

(Your application will take approximately 2 weeks to process.)

Alternatively contact your Relationship Manager or our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757+65 6224 5757.

How To View

Viewing your Electronic Statements/ Electronic Advices

There are two convenient ways to view your Electronic Statements and Electronic Advices.

Via Citibank Online

Via Citibank Online

An email notification will be sent to you when your monthly statements and advices are available online for your viewing.

Via your E-mail Inbox

Via your E-mail Inbox

The electronic version of your monthly statement and advices will be delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.

Click here for more information

* The earliest month to view your monthly eStatements is from April 2010.

Click here for the Citibank Online Statement User Agreement and Citibank Electronic Advice(s) Agreement.

  • Citi mobile® the way to bank
  • Enjoy Paperless Freedom with Citibank Electronic Statements and Advices


As an added level of security, the monthly statement or advices sent to your email inbox is encrypted with an electronic password (ePassword). This ePassword is generated during your initial Electronic Statement or Electronic Advice enrollment.

Have you forgotten your ePassword?

Your ePassword was generated via your chosen channel of enrollment for Electronic Statement and/or Electronic Advice.

Enrollment via Citibank Online

If you have enrolled for this service via our internet banking platform, you would have selected your preferred ePassword during the initial enrollment. This ePassword is an alphanumeric code between 8 to 14 characters.

Please enter this ePassword to view the encrypted PDF statement or advice.

Enrollment via Printed Application Form

If you have enrolled for this service using our printed application form or during your account opening process, a Default ePassword would have been generated during the initial enrollment of this service.

Please enter this ePassword to view the encrypted PDF statement or advice.

Would You Like To Change Your ePassword?

If you would like to change your ePassword, you can do so instantly and easily via our internet banking platform, Citibank Online. Simply follow the steps below.

Note: You will need your Citibank ATM Card Number and ATM PIN in order to change your default ePassword. If you do not have one, please contact your Relationship Manager or our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757+65 6224 5757.

Step 1:

Logon to with your 16-digit ATM Card Number and ATM PIN.

Step 2:

If you have enrolled for Electronic Statements and/or Electronic Advices, click "View Statement" or "View Advice" from the right menu respectively. Either option will lead you to Step 3.

For Electronic Statements, click on "Update Electronic Statement Setup" link.

For Electronic Advices, click on "Edit Enrollment Details" link.

Step 3:

Next, click on "Change Enrollment Details".

Step 4:

Enter and re-enter the "ePassword" in the fields provided and click "Next"

Step 5:

Verify the information on the confirmation screen and click on "Confirm". Your ePassword has been changed.