Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

Your Favorite Social Media Platforms.

Help us to have a better understanding of your preferred social media platforms so that we can serve you better digitally.

1.  Do you engage on social media (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) regularly?

2.  Which social media platforms do you use regularly? Tick the top three:

3.  Which social media platforms do you use for work/business purposes?

4.  How often do you check your most used social media platform?

5.  What is your age bracket?

6.  What is your gender?

7.  How would you like to receive content from Citibank?

This may include information about our Products and Services, promotions and events, but does not include personalized information regarding your Products (including banking, investments, loans, credit cards and insurance) that you currently hold with the bank.

8.  Which country do you currently reside in:

*Your answers will be held in strict confidentiality and will be used only for the purposes of this survey. The results will be reported in aggregate form only, and cannot be identified individually.


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