Voice Biometrics

Enjoy absolute convenience when banking with us over the phone through Voice Biometrics.

Your voice print is as secured as your fingerprint
  • What is Voice Biometrics?

  • Benefits of Voice Biometrics

  • Now you can go through your banking verification process at an instance when you speak to your Relationship Manager or our CitiPhone officers.

    Voice Biometrics authentication allows you to skip the verification questions while banking over the phone. Having enrolled onto Voice Biometrics, the verification process will be simplified by merely speaking to us in a casual manner. It is indeed as easy as it sounds.

    Hassle free

    Conveniently recognizes your voice instantly over the phone for verification purposes.


    Saves you time on tedious verification questions when you talk to your Relationship Manager.


    Accurately authenticates your unique voice pattern for greater security and ease of mind.

    How do I enroll and start using Voice Biometrics?


    Call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757 to enroll onto Voice Biometrics, where your voice print will be recorded and stored.

    Voice Pattern Stored

    Upon successful enrollment onto Voice Biometrics, you will be notified via SMS & Email.

    Verification with Voice Biometrics

    The next time you speak to our CitiPhone officers or your Relationship Manager, you will be automatically authenticated by Voice Biometrics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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