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Banking convenience at your fingertips.

Banking convenience at your fingertips

Internet Banking Services

Citibank Online banking is designed with you in mind. In a few quick and simple steps online, you will be able to bank online any time, any day and anywhere - check your balances, transfer funds globally between accounts, pay bills and even manage your own investments

Citibank Online is the ideal online banking solution for those needing wealth management services in Singapore from their home country. Experience one online bank account for all your ebanking needs.

Getting Started

Citibank Online services come free with your International Personal Bank account. To access this convenience, all you need is your Citibank ATM card, ATM PIN and Online Security Device (OSD).

With Citibank Online, you will be able to

  • Access your account information whenever and wherever you are
  • View up to 84* months of account statements online
  • Conduct funds transfers easily and cost effectively
  • Manage your investments online
  • Trade in the U.S, Hong Kong and Singapore securities markets

To view step-by-step guides, please click here.

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  • Check your current account balances quickly and easily
  • View your account details and updated transaction information online anytime, anywhere
  • No more filing of paper statements and transaction notifications. We organize them for you.
  • No more waiting for the mail, receive your statements and advices in your email inbox or view them online.
  • Search for specific statements or notifications in a searchable online archive
  • Store up to 36 months worth of statements and 6 months worth of transaction notifications
  • Transfer funds between your Citibank Singapore account and other bank account(s) in Singapore for free
  • Transfer up to S$100,000 instantly and cost effectively between Citibank accounts globally with Citibank Global Transfer
  • Pay your bills and / or set up recurring bill payments
  • Manage your Investment Funds, Time Deposits and Premium Accounts easily and independently
  • Enjoy attractive rates when you place your Premium Accounts online
  • Access to real-time foreign exchange rates and take advantage of the market opportunities
  • Receive instant confirmations on your online transactions
  • Receive automated market updates and alerts through your email
  • Trade any day, anytime in SGX, HKSE, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX any time
  • Portfolio view to monitor the returns of your investments
  • Latest news and quotes from Reuters
  • Email alerts to monitor your trades and counters
  • Watchlist to view and customize your counters
  • Immediate access to sales proceeds to make more purchases
  • Interest bearing cash account for shares settlement
  • Good-Till-Date order available for up to 30 days
  • One-stop shop for your banking and broking needs
Service Listing

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  • Account Summary
  • Account Details & Activity
  • Download Account Activity
  • View Electronic Statement
  • Electronic Statement Enrollment
  • See, Change or Cancel Enrollment
  • Order a Paper Statement

Investments Online

Investment Funds can be made available on Citibank Online where you can view, trade or switch your investments online anytime, anywhere. Simply logon to to,

  • View your portfolio of investments funds with details online,
  • View the prospectus of your desired investment fund conveniently online,
  • Place an order online to buy an investment fund of your choice at your convenience,
  • Sell your investments online at an instance, any time of the day,
  • Switch your investments funds whenever you want to - online,
  • Subscribe to a Regular Savings Plan online and,
  • View all the details your past transactions and Profit & Loss online for that extra assurance.

If you do not have an existing investments account, please click here for more information on how to get one today.

Alternatively, you may contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

Time Deposits

Manage time Deposit(s) :

  • Establish a New Time Deposit
  • View Time Deposit Holdings
  • Change The Tenure of My Time Deposit
  • Top Up Time Deposit
  • Transfer My Time Deposit at Maturity into an Overnight Deposit/Transactional Account
  • View Spot/Forward Time Deposit Transactions Booked Through Internet
  • View Time Deposit Rates

Currency Conversion:

  • Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
  • Convert Time Deposit Currency

Premium Account

  • Establish a New Premium Account
  • View Premium Account Holdings
  • View Historical Premium Account Transactions Booked Through Internet
  • View Spot/Forward Premium Account Transactions Booked Through Internet
  • Set Up/Change Expiring Premium Account Alerts
  • View Premium Account Rates

Review FX Transactions

  • View Historical FX Transactions

Currency News Charts

  • Currency News Charts

Payee List

  • Add a New Payee
  • Activate Payee
  • See or Delete Payees
  • See or Delete Bank Account Setups

Standing Orders

  • Set Up a Standing Order
  • See, Change or Cancel Standing Orders

Transfer Money

  • Between My Citibank Accounts
  • To Another Citibank Customer
  • From My Bank Accounts in Another Bank
  • To An Individual/Organization in Singapore
  • To Another Citibank Account Abroad
  • To Any Account Abroad
  • Pay My Bills
  • Daily FX Commentary
  • Weekly Financial Market Analysis
  • Open a savings account
  • Open a checking account
  • Trade Now
  • Quick View
  • My Portfolio
  • My Watchlist
  • My Alerts
  • News & Research
  • Request for Online Security Device
  • Order Checks
  • Purchase a Bank Draft
  • Change ATM PIN
  • Recommend a Friend
  • Privacy
  • Online Overdraft
  • Online Security Device Registration

To benefit from the security and convenience required for your banking transactions, Citibank recommends the following browsers & browser settings.

Supported Browsers and Settings

Chrome 30 / Win Firefox 31.3.0 ESR / Win 7
IE 11 / Win 7 Opera 17 / Win 7
Firefox 27 / Win 8 IE 11 / Win 8.1
IE 11 / Win 10 Preview Edge 12 / Win 10
Firefox 49 / XP SP3 Chrome 49 / XP SP3
Chrome 34 / OS X Firefox 29 / OS X
Safari 7 / OS X 10.9 Safari 8 / OS X 10.10
Safari 10 / OS X 10.12

Android 4.4.2 IE 11 / Win Phone 8.1
Edge 13 / Win Phone 10 Safari 5 / iOS 5.1.1

You can download a new browser from:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer™

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Netscape®

  • Safari

NOTE: We do not recommend that you download beta versions, since they are experimental and may undergo significant changes before they are released. Play it safe and stick to the final version.


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Citibank Online is a simple, sophisticated and secure online platform that allows customers to perform banking transactions easily over the internet anywhere and anytime.

No application is required. Customers can sign on to their account simply with their User ID and Password. This service is provided by Citibank International Personal Bank Singapore automatically when a customer opens an account* with us.

*Citibank Online is available to all account holders except for Joint AND account and corporate account.

Most of the Citibank Online services like Account Information, Account Summary and Electronic Statements are provided for free. However, standard commission/transaction fees for services like Telegraphic Transfer, other investment services, etc, may still apply.

Getting Started

To sign on to Citibank Online, enter your User ID and Password. You will need to enter a One-Time PIN (OTP) to view your personal account details and perform online transactions.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security used by banks to verify customer's online identity. With 2FA, customers accessing Citibank Online will be required to provide a unique One-Time PIN (OTP) to view their personal account details and perform online transactions. The OTP will have to be provided on top of the User ID and Password to ensure better online banking security.

You can retrieve the OTP from your Online Security Device (OSD). Simply enter the OTP and click "Ok".

Online Security Device Pin

It is a pocket-sized, hand-held device that generates a single use, One-Time PIN. It is important that you register and activate your OSD once you receive it. Registration links the OSD to your Citibank Online access so that it becomes uniquely yours while activation makes it operational.

To Register:

Step 1:

Sign on to Citibank Online

Step 2:

Click on "Register OSD" on the left menu

Sign Off

Step 3:

Enter your Date of Birth and OSD's serial number (found on the back of the OSD). Press the button on your OSD. This will reveal a randomly generated OTP. Enter the OTP on the webpage. Click on the "Submit" button.

Online Security Device Step3

If you wish to request for an OSD, you can sign on to Citibank Online with your User ID and Password , click on the "My Citi" tab and on the bottom right-hand corner, under "Useful links", select "Request for OSD". Alternatively, you can also request for an OSD by calling our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757+65 6224 5757.

Request for OSD


Account Services

Account Summary You can view a consolidated summary of all your accounts. In addition to the balance shown for each account, there is also a total balance for each product category.
Account details and activity The detailed balances and all the activities related to an account will be displayed here. Details shown are up to 90 days, or a maximum of 50 transactions per account.
Electronic Statement You can view up to 3 years of your electronic statements online. The electronic statement is provided in the exact format as the paper statement and the PDF format makes it easy for you to save or print a copy when you need it.
Download Account Activity You can download your Citibank account information (last 90 days of activity) and import it into your favorite personal financial management or spreadsheet program for further analysis.

Citibank Online supports 3 formats:

  • QIF for Quicken® and Microsoft Money™ The Quicken® Interchange Format for importing account activity into a register of either the Quicken personal financial management software package or the Microsoft Money
  • OFX (Open Financial Exchange) for importing account activity and ledger balance into Microsoft Money
  • CSV (Comma Separated Value) for saving and viewing information in spreadsheet and database software

Payments and Transfers Services

With Citibank Online, you can transfer funds easily

  • Between your own Citibank account (s) in Singapore
  • Between your Citibank account and other Citibank account (s) abroad
  • Between your Citibank account and other local banks in Singapore
  • Between your Citibank account to a bank account overseas via Telegraphic Transfer.

Fund transfers between your Citibank account and other local bank account (s) (including other Citibank) in Singapore are provided for free. For international fund transfers via Citibank Global Transfer or other common means like Telegraphic Transfers (TT), transaction fee apply. Click here for Citibank Singapore standard commission and cable charges.

Adding a new payee provides an additional level of security when you make your fund transfers. Also, this one time "Add Payee" process stores the payee's information in your payee list and saves you the hassle of having to provide the account information every time you make a fund transfer to the same payee.

Step 1:

Select "Payments and Transfers" on your top navigation banner.

Step 2:

You will then be prompted to key in your One-Time PIN (OTP). You may request for an OTP via SMS by clicking on "Click here to receive a One-Time PIN (OTP) via SMS". The OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number with the bank) or via your Online Security Device (OSD). Please click here to learn more about One-Time PIN (OTP).

Step 3:

Select "Add Payee" if you are executing a payment or transfer to a particular recipient for the first time.

Step 4:

You will be prompted to select a "Payee Type" where you can choose an option of a payee to a Citibank Account, non Citibank Account or overseas payees.

Step 5:

Fill up the details of the new payee and confirm details.

Step 6:

On the Transaction Signing page, you will be prompted to input your Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC). This code is available through your Online Security Device (OSD). Simply follow the easy steps and click on "continue" to complete the transaction signing page.

Please follow the steps below to make a TT.

Step 1:

Click on "Payments & Transfers" tab from the top or left menu.

Step 2:

Select the payee for "Destination of Funds" under "Overseas Payees: Telegraphic Transfers". You will have to add the payee if it has not been done so previously.

Step 3:

Select the account that you will like to transfer the funds from.

Step 4:

Select the "Routing Method" and "Currency" from the dropdown menu.

Step 5:

Enter the amount for transfer in the currency you have selected.

Step 6:

Select the bearer of the transfer fee under "Debit Charges To".

For more information on the glossary of terms, please refer to the footnote at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:

Verify the information on the Pre-confirmation page. Click on "Add This Payee" when you are ready to add the payee.

Yes, Citibank Online does provide a recurring funds transfer service from SGD accounts only. Please follow the steps below to set up standing instruction for funds transfer.

Step 1:

Select "Payments & Transfer" from the top navigation tab.

Step 2:

Select Multiple Payments and Transfers.

Step 3:

Select the account that you will like to transfer the funds to.

Step 4:

Select the account that you will like to transfer the funds from.

Step 5:

Enter the amount that you will like to transfer.

Step 6:

Select "Set schedule"

Step 7:

Select the amount, first transfer date, frequency of transfer and validity period of the instruction and click on "Next".

Step 8:

Verify the information and click on "continue". Your Multiple Payments and Transfers Transaction has been set up. To view the instructions that have been set up, please select the "Scheduled Transaction" tab.

Investment Services

You can place a Time Deposit or Premium Account on your own via Citibank Online.

Time Deposit

Please follow the steps below to place your Time Deposit online.

Step 1:

Select "Time Deposits" from the left menu.

Step 2:

Select "Set Up New Deposit" from the menu on top.

Step 3:

Select the account that you will like the funds to be debited from.

Step 4:

Enter the deposit amount. (Please note that the minimum amount required to place a Time Deposit is US$5,000). Click on "Next" to proceed.

Step 5:

You will be presented with the interest rates for the different currencies and tenures. Select your choice currency and tenure, and specify the maturity instruction and click on "Next" to proceed.

Step 6:

Your Time Deposit details and maturity instruction will be displayed. Click on "Confirm" to proceed. Your Time Deposit Confirmation details and Internet Reference Number will be displayed.

Yes, you can view the interest rates on Citibank Online before you place your Time Deposits. Simply select "Time Deposits >View Interest Rates" and enter the currency and amount to view the interest rate for the respective tenure.

Yes, indicative foreign currency exchange rate can also be viewed from the same page as above.

The "Early Break" function allows you to pre-terminate your Time Deposit, hence, unlocking the funds in the Time Deposit prior to maturity date.

Please follow the steps below to pre-terminate your Time Deposit.

Step 1:

Select "Time Deposits" from the left menu

Step 2:

Select "Early Break" from the menu bar on top

Step 3:

Select the Time Deposit that you want to pre-terminate by clicking on the account number

Step 4:

View the selected Time Deposit details and select the currency type

Step 5:

Click on the "NEXT" button.

Step 6:

Select an account to credit the funds and click "NEXT"

Step 7:

Verify the information on the pre-confirmation page and click on "Confirm" when you are ready to pre-terminate your Time Deposit.

Premium Account

Premium Account (PA) is a dual currency investment account that may offer a potentially better interest rate than normal Time Deposits. For more information on PA, please click here.

Before you can set up a PA, you will need to submit the Investment Risk Profile and Premium Account Agreement. Please fill up the forms and mail it to

Attention : CCSU

Robinson Road

PO Box 0361

Singapore 900711.

If you require further assistance on the above, please contact your Relationship Manager or call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757+65 6224 5757.

Step 1:

Select "Premium Accounts" from the left menu.

Step 2:

Select your source of funds. Your source of funds can be from a Premium Account on its expiry day, a Time Deposit that is maturing within 7 days or a transactional account.

Step 3:

Enter your principal amount. (Minimum of US$5,000 or equivalent)

Step 4:

Select the base currency (The currency that you place the deposit in) and click on "Next" to proceed.

Step 5:

You can choose to view the Premium Account rates in any one of the three ways.

  • By Alternate Currencies
  • By Different Foreign Exchange Strike Prices
  • By Different Tenures

Click on "Next" to proceed.

Alternate Currency: A second currency that you select at the beginning of the deal. If the Strike Price is reached on call date, your principal and interest would be repaid to you in the alternate currency.

Strike Price: A preferred exchange rate, which you select for a given pair of Base and Alternate Currencies. When this rate is reached on the call date, your principal and interest proceeds would be converted at this strike price to your Alternate Currency and repaid to you.

Step 6:

Select tenure and strike price to view interest rates. Then select an alternate currency of your choice and click "next".

Step 7:

Specify whether you would like the funds to be placed in a Time Deposit, Transactional or Overnight Deposit Account upon maturity.

Step 8:

Your Premium Account details and maturity instruction will be displayed. Click on "Confirm" to proceed.

Step 9:

Your Premium Account Confirmation details and Internet Reference Number will be displayed.

Click on "Print" to obtain a copy of the Confirmation Details.

Click on "Done" to complete the transaction.

Brokerage Services

Overview Provides useful information on the benefits, eligibility, application and fees and charges pertaining to Citibank Brokerage services.
Trade Now Input your trading instructions here to execute your trades.
My Trades View your trade status for outstanding trades, transaction history and contract notes.
Portfolio View your stock holdings with Citibank Brokerage in both the US and Singapore markets.
Watchlist Create and set up a watchlist for easy monitoring of selected stocks.
Account Info View a consolidated summary of your cash trading and security accounts.

Please click here for more Brokerage FAQ.

Please follow the steps below to place a trade order via Citibank Brokerage.

Step 1:

Select "Online Brokerage" from the left menu

Step 2:

Select "Trade Now" from the top menu

Step 3:

Provide the trade instructions (Market, Stock Symbol, Settlement Account, Trade Action (Buy or Sell), Quantity and Price that you will like to trade at)

Step 4:

Select the "Order Type".

Only "limit price orders" are available for SG and US markets. A limit price buy order indicates the highest price you are willing to buy. A limit price sell order indicates the lowest price you are willing to sell.

Market orders are available for US market sell orders only. When a market order for a sell transaction in US is placed, the order may be partially or fully filled at the prevailing bid price.

Step 5:

Select "Duration".

"Good for the day" orders expire at the end of the trading day.

"Good till date" orders allow customers to select an order expiry date (up to 7 calendar days for SG market and 30 calendar days for US market.)Verify the information on the pre-confirmation page and click on "Confirm" when you are ready to pre-terminate your Time Deposit.

Step 6:

Verify the information on the pre-confirmation page and click on "Confirm" when you are ready to place your trade order.


Your Citibank Online User ID &/or Password is the same User ID &/or Password used when you registered as a new user (with a new User ID) to Citibank Online. To reset your User ID and Password, please go to the Citibank Online Sign On Page by clicking here.

You can:

Check the system maintenance schedule. A notification will be displayed on the Citibank Online sign on page when system maintenance or enhancement activities are being carried out.

Attempt to login again. Clear your cache after each failed login before you attempt to login again. If the login is still unsuccessful after repeated tries, please check with your local internet service provider if they are facing any network problem.

For further assistance or enquiries, please call our 24-Hour self service CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757+65 6224 5757.

* The earliest month to view your monthly eStatements is from April 2010.

Please click here for Citibank Online terms and conditions.

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