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Do more with just one app

A simpler, faster and safer way of banking is here.

We've been working hard on making the new Citi Mobile® App more than just an update. Beyond a refreshed look, you'll now have
greater flexibility at your fingertips, with personalized views and new features designed for you to spend less time on it.

Everything at a glance

Everything at a glance

Account swiper

Just swipe to review all your account activities and get to your favorite functions, faster.

Never miss a statement

Access your statements anywhere, anytime. Simply tap to view or download.

Real-time action

Stay informed of actions you need to take with our color-coded reminders.

Fuss-free and simple

Fuss-free and simple

Citibank Global Wallet - Withdraw, swipe or spend online with your debit card overseas with no additional fees.

Easy clicks to start trading

Easy clicks to start trading

Select your desired trading account for an easy way to start trading on your favorite stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign on?

    Simply use the same User ID and Password you use to sign on to Citibank Online.

  • Forgot your User ID/ Password?

    At Citibank, the security of your personal information and online banking transactions is our priority, which we ensure through the use of a User ID and Password.

    Your User ID and Password is a unique identifier that serves as your electronic signature and allows you to access your banking details via Citibank Online or Citi Mobile® App.

    If you have forgotten any of these, please kindly follow these steps:

    1. Visit using a PC

    2. Click on the "Sign On" link

    3. Choose the "Forgot your Password" or "Forgot your User ID" link and follow the steps required to reset your User ID and Password

    4. Thereafter, you will be able to sign on using your new User ID and Password

  • Don't have a User ID or Password?

    You can register for a User ID and Password if you have an account with us. You may do so by downloading Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online.

    NOTE: Please have your ATM/Debit Card and ATM Pin OR Credit Card number, CVV and Date of Birth

  • What kind of fund transfers can I do in Citi Mobile® App?

    1. Transfer between your own Citibank accounts instantly

    2. Transfer to other Citibank customers instantly

    3. Transfer to other Singapore bank using GIRO or FAST

    a. GIRO will take 2- 3 days to be effected in the Singapore destination bank

    b. FAST will take 15-20 seconds to be effected in the Singapore destination bank

    4. Make payments with Online Cheque. Just state the payee's name and address and Citibank will send the cheque for you.

    5. Pay all your Bills including telecom, utilities and taxes.

    6. Send money via Telegraphic Transfer to any country and any bank globally.

  • Can you add payee in Citi Mobile® App?

    Yes. After signing on to the app with your User ID and Password, please click on the 'Payments' icon at the bottom of the app, and select 'Transfers', 'New Payee'.


  • What will I need to do if I lose my phone with Snapshot enabled on the Citi Mobile® App?

    Visit using a PC, click on the "Sign On" link, followed by the "Forgot your Password" link to re-set your password immediately.

  • What is Touch ID / Face ID?

    Touch ID / Face ID is a feature that enables login authentication based on fingerprints and Face Identification stored on your Apple iPhone device; which is an alternative login mechanism to Citi's User ID and Password.

    *Biometric authentication methods like Touch ID or facial recognition technology are proprietary to third parties and if you choose to use these methods, you need to do so in accordance with such third parties’ terms and conditions. If you choose to activate the biometric authentication function on the Citi Mobile® App, you will enable your biometric data (e.g. fingerprint or facial data) saved on your device to be used to access to the Citi Mobile® App. Accordingly, you should not activate the biometric authentication function, and to immediately de-activate such biometric authentication function, if any other person's biometric data is saved, whether now or in the future, on your device.

  • Which phone models are eligible for Touch ID / Face ID activation?

    Touch ID feature is available on Apple Mobile Phone Models 5S and newer. Face ID feature is available on Apple Mobile iPhone Models X and newer. Android devices are not supported currently.

  • How secure is Touch ID / Face ID?

    Your fingerprint information is stored on your Apple device's Secure Element. Once you enable Touch ID / Face ID as a login method for your Citi Mobile® App, an encrypted token is created and stored in Citi Mobile® App and our Citi system. No login information is stored on the Citi Mobile® App.

  • How to enable Touch ID / Face ID for Citi Mobile® App?

    Step 1: Sign on to Citi Mobile® App.
    Step 2: Select the “Profile” button located in the top left hand corner > Under Security Settings select “Touch ID / Face ID”
    Step 3: Enable Touch ID / Face ID
    Step 4: Key in your 6 digit unlock code or OTP sent to your mobile via SMS.
    Your Touch ID / Face ID is enabled on your device.

  • How to disable Touch ID / Face ID for Citi Mobile® App?

    Step 1: Sign on to Citi Mobile® App.
    Step 2: Select the “Profile” button located in the top left hand corner > Under Security Settings select “Touch ID / Face ID”
    Step 3: Disable Touch ID / Face ID

  • How long is my Touch ID / Face ID enrollment for Citi Mobile® App valid?

    Enrollment of Touch ID / Face ID for Citi Mobile® App is valid for 45 days. If you have not logged into the Citi Mobile® App by manually entering the password, Touch ID / Face ID will be disabled for Citi Mobile® App. This will not impact any other Touch ID / Face ID enrollment you have on your device.

  • I have 5 fingerprints and 2 face profile IDs stored in my phone. Do all have them have access to my Citibank account?

    Touch ID / Face ID recognizes all fingerprints / face profiles registered in your device. For security reasons, we recommend that you do not register third party finger prints or face profile in your device. This is to protect not just your Citibank account but the rest of your personal details in your phone.

  • Will Touch ID / Face ID work when I am overseas?

    Touch ID/ Face ID will work when overseas, even if service provider changes. The setting is device based.

  • Will Touch ID / Face ID for Citi Mobile® App be disabled once I change my mobile number?

    Changing the mobile number will not disable Touch ID / Face ID as long as SIM card and the service provider remains the same.

  • Why was my Touch ID / Face ID Turned off?

    There are a few reasons why your Touch ID / Face ID may have been turned off:
    1. You have changed your service provider
    2. You have recently changed your User ID or Password
    3. You have not logged into your Citi Mobile® App by entering your password for the past 45 days
    4. You might have changed your SIM card
    5. Your online account is locked because you have exceeded the maximum number of password tries
    6. You have entered the wrong OTP when signed on for 3 times
    7. You have enabled Touch ID / Face ID for your account on a different device
    8. Your Citibank User ID is deleted in our system