Bank Alerts and Notifications

Added security to your accounts.

Bank Alerts from Citibank IPB

Citi Alerts serves to update you on your transactions and account activities via instant email and SMS notifications. Now you can enjoy an added level of security from monitoring your account activities with ease.

Customize your own Citi Alerts Profile. Simply log on with your User ID and Password and select 'Citi Alerts' found on the left menu. You will be able to amend your alerts as well as your preferred mode of notification. Please ensure that your contact information maintained with Citibank is accurate.

Citi Alert Types

Mandatory Alerts

These alerts will be sent to you regardless of Citi Alerts enrollment.

Alert Name Alert Description Time of Delivery
Account Debit Alert2

Triggered when there has been a debit transaction on your banking account(s), excluding the Citibank Debit Card transaction and ATM Cash withdrawal. For your transaction security, this is a mandatory alert. Example: when a cheque is cleared from your account.

Once the debit transaction has been processed
Online Payments & Transfers Alert2 Triggered when there is a transfer done via Citibank Online or Citi Mobile. For security purposes, this is a mandatory alert, and the default amount is set at SGD1. Real-time

You can enroll to receive the following Citi Alerts via Citibank Online.

Banking Account Alerts

Alert Name Alert Description Time of Delivery
Account Credit Alert Triggered when there is a credit on your account via GIRO/Cheque/Interbank transaction. Example: when your salary is credited. Once the credit transaction has been processed
Account Overdrawn Alert Triggered when your account has gone into a negative balance. Login to Citibank Online or call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757 to top up your account. Next business day
ATM Cash Withdrawal Alert

Triggered when a cash withdrawal of SGD1,000 and above is made on customer’s account from an ATM machine.

For selected overseas ATM withdrawals, Alerts will be triggered regardless of the default amount.

Cheque Bounce Alert Triggered when a cheque you have issued has bounced. Next business day
Debit Card Transaction Alert

Triggered when there is a transaction on your debit card above SGD 1,000.

Login to to update this default amount based on your preference. The maximum you can set is SGD 10,000.

First Cheque Alert Triggered when the first cheque has been issued from your account. Next business day
Returned Cheque Alert Triggered when a cheque you have issued has been returned. Next business day
Weekly Banking Account Balance Triggered every week on Friday with your latest account balance. Every Friday
Credit Card And Ready Credit Account(s)
95% Credit Limit Reached Alert Notifies you when you exceed 95% of your credit line. Real-time
Credit Card Transaction Alert

Notifies you each time a transaction of SGD 1,000 or more is made to your credit card.

Login to to update this default amount based on your preference. The maximum you can set is SGD 10,000.

Credit Card/Ready Credit Payment Due Alert Notifies you when your Citibank Credit/Ready Credit is due for payment. Triggered 7 days before your statement due date. 7 days before statement due date.
Credit Card/Ready Credit Payment Received Alert Notifies you when a payment has been made to your Citibank Credit/Ready Credit. Next business day
Investment Account(s)
Time Deposit Credit Alert Notifies you when your Time Deposit has matured and the proceeds haven been credited to your Citibank Checking or Savings account. Next business day
Time Deposit Maturity Due Alert Notifies you 4 business days before your Time Deposit is due to mature. Next business day
Generic Alerts
Threshold Change Alert

This alert notifies you when you change the threshold amount for any of the 5 alerts listed below. This is a service alert, and you will have to manually enable this alert on Citibank Online.

  • Online Payment and Transfer Alert
  • Account Debit Alert
  • Debit Card Transaction Alert
  • Credit Card Transaction Alert
  • ATM Withdrawal; Alert
  • Keep yourself updated and reduce risk of unauthorized transactions made on your accounts
  • Receive instantaneous alerts with specific banking transactions
  • Monitor your online and mobile banking activities easily via email and SMS
  • Be notified when cash withdrawals and point-of-sale transactions are made on your ATM account

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Citi Alerts

Yes, follow the below steps to change your Citi Alerts enrollment details.

Step 1: Login to Citibank Online with your User ID and Password

Step 2: Select MY PROFILE on the top navigation bar

Step 3: click on CITI ALERTS on the left menu

Alerts are delivered to you either by email or SMS.

Yes, Citi Alerts delivered via SMS is available on all mobile phones with the SMS function.

No, you are not required to update the bank if there is no change in your mobile phone number. Please note that you may experience some service disruption when your mobile phone number is being switched over from your old mobile service provider to your new mobile service provider's network. Depending on the volume of porting the requests, the service disruption may last up to 3 Hours.

To successfully receive Citi Alerts, please ensure that you keep your email address and mobile phone details updated with us at all times.

If you wish to update your contact details, you can do so via Citibank Online or mailing us the Update Contact Details Form.


1Banking Account refers to SGD/USD Current/Savings/Cash Trading Account, MaxiSave account (excluding MaxiSave Traveller Account), StepUp Interest Account, Tap & Save Account, Junior Savings Account and CitiAccess Account

2For transaction security, please note that this is a mandatory alert and an email notification will be sent regardless. Please note that the default amount set is at SGD 1 and SGD 10,000 for online payment and transfer alert and account debit alert respectively.

  • Do more with mobile.
  • Enjoy Paperless Freedom with Citibank Electronic Statements and Advices

Terms and Conditions

Citi Alerts Terms and Conditions

  1. I may be notified of each Alert via email and/or SMS to an email address and/or mobile phone number as provided by me. I understand that my receipt of Alerts is subject to my internet and/or mobile phone operator being able to support the service; and the relevant terms and charges of such service provider.
  2. The Alerts service will be effective after Citibank Singapore Limited ("Citibank") has processed my request. I accept that each Alert may not be encrypted and may comprise my personal details and information pertaining to my Account(s).
  3. I accept that Citibank neither guarantees the delivery, accuracy, security, nor confidentiality of the contents of an Alert.I am aware that I must promptly update Citibank of any change to my email address and/or mobile phone number. Citibank shall not be liable to me or anyone else for any losses or damages arising from the Alerts service including but not limited to (a) a non-delivery, delayed delivery, wrong delivery or partial delivery of an Alert; (b) inaccurate contents of an Alert; (c) access to the contents of an Alert by any unauthorized persons; or (d) my use or reliance on the content of an Alert for any purposes including investment and business purposes.
  4. Citibank shall be entitled to charge for this service. Citibank reserves the right to refuse or terminate any request by me for an Alert at any time. Citibank shall be entitled to vary the terms and conditions relating to the Alerts service.”