What is Code of Consumer Banking Practice?

This Code of Consumer Banking Practice represents the collective and concerted effort of banks in Singapore in reaching out to their customers. Over the last two years, the Association of Banks in Singapore has spearheaded this voluntary initiative and has worked with member banks with retail customers to crystallise for the first time, and on an industry wide basis, the minimum standards of service and conduct, which you, the customer can expect in dealing with your bank.

Like other organisations and corporations, banks in Singapore face some challenging times ahead. Foremost is the preservation and enhancement of the banks relationship with their customers. We believe that the four principles on which this Code is premised: Fairness, Transparency, Accountability and Reliability, will establish the bedrock for building a trusting and open relationship between you and your bank.

In this first edition of the Code, we have focused on the major elements in banking and prescribed standards and best practices to these. In essence, this booklet should serve as a guide to best practices in banking. The banking industry is committed to deliver standards of practice no less than that stated in the Code.

How will this Code benefit you?

It is our hope that the standards of service and conduct described in this Code will foster a better understanding of why banks sometimes behave the way they do. The Code will also serve as a benchmark to help determine whether your bank is providing you with products and services that meet the standards stated in this book.

Mrs Ong-Ang Ai Boon
The Association of Banks in Singapore

Download Code of Consumer Banking Practice Book.