Total Wealth Advisor

For your financial goals.

Citibank's wealth advisor assisting the customer with his financial needs

Helping you achieve your financial goals

Be it planning for your children’s education, your retirement or leaving a legacy, we understand that you have different wealth goals at different stages of your life. Growing your assets is essential to meet these financial goals and Total Wealth Advisor* is a tool specially designed to support you through your wealth journey.

Total Wealth Advisor provides you with a holistic view of your financial health and gives you access to track and monitor the progress of your asset allocations in achieving your financial goals, in real-time.

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Review your current financial assets with your Relationship Manager.



Set your financial goals.



Rebalance your assets according to your risk profile and goals.



Track and monitor the progress periodically via Citibank Online
(Asset Allocation vs Goals).

1. Align your asset allocation to your risk tolerance of your goals
2. With goal-based planning, you can gain greater clarity and control over your financial health
3. Measure your financial health against your goals

The Total Wealth Advisor online tool gives you a complete view of your asset allocation and allows you immediate access to a comprehensive and holistic view of your financial position.

Total Wealth Advisor Online

You will be able to review all your investments and financial status at a glance with this easy-to-use and intuitive online tool. You can easily track the progress towards your goals, view your current achievement of meeting your financial goals, and even view the performance of your investments by specifying the date range of the reports.

There are two types of report you can see online that provides you with the information for you to track your portfolio and goals.

  1. 1. Total Wealth Advisor Report
    Allows you to download a PDF report which contains a summary of your asset allocation and the status of goal achievement.
  2. 2. Total Wealth Advisor
    An interactive web-based tool that shows a graphical view of your financial status and goals.
How to Access Total Wealth Advisor Online:
Step 1 on How to Access Total Wealth Advisor Online
Sign On to Citibank Online with your User ID & Password
Step 2 on How to Access Total Wealth Advisor Online
Enter the One-Time PIN (OTP)
Step 3 on How to Access Total Wealth Advisor Online
Click on Investments > Total Wealth Advisor on the top menu

Contact your Relationship Manager to set your goals today.

*Only valid for Citigold and Citigold Private Client. Don’t have a Citigold or Citigold Private Client account? Open an account with us.



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