Update your Contact Details through Online Banking

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Update your Contact Details with Citibank Online

Update us on your latest contact details

To help us in serving you better, please inform us if you have changed your address, telephone number or email address to ensure we are able to contact you and provide updates on your account promptly.

Update your details online:

Step 1

Sign on to Citibank Online with your User ID and Password.

Step 2

Go to "Services" on the top tab, then "My Profile" where you can change your User ID, Password, email address or request for a new Online Security Device (OSD).

Step 3

Enter the One-Time PIN (OTP) generated by your Online Security Device (OSD) when prompted and follow the simple steps as instructed to complete your request.

Step 4

You may choose to compose a message through the message centre by selecting "My Messages" and "compose". Then choose the subject title "Request for change of Email address" or "Request for Current Residential Address". Thereafter, enter your latest contact details in the text box provided and send us your request

For further assistance, you can contact your Relationship Manager or our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757+65 6224 5757.

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