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built around you


Thrive through the uncertainties ahead with insurance that caters to your evolving needs

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What makes us different

Strategies tailored for you

Citi Wealth Planning Manager are here to listen and
guide you through the complexities of balancing
health and wealth, growth and protection.

Protect while building wealth

Only the best plans that protect you at every life
stage, so you can always feel assured as you
grow your wealth.

Here for you anytime

If you need to review your insurance needs, reach
out to your Wealth Planning Manager or contact us here.

Solutions built for you

Grow your wealth

Is your money working for you? Can you grow more to enjoy more, and perhaps give more?


Preserve your wealth

Is your wealth at risk during market fluctuations?
Can losses be prevented?

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Distribute your assets

How can you give fairly? Will your loved ones be happy with your gift?


Plan for business succession

Will your company continue to have a healthy revenue stream? Are your key employees protected?

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Protect your family's income

What happens if you are unable to work? Will your family still be financially secure?

Plan your retirement

Plan your retirement

What do you dream of doing in your golden years? Will you have enough to enjoy it?

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Insurance Rewards Program

Be rewarded when you purchase an AIA insurance policy with us.Terms and Conditions apply.

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Be Rewarded

Protecting more than your wealth

Through real-life stories, learn how our insurance solutions have helped our clients and their families in tough times.

2X Expertise, 2X Confidence


We have combined our expertise to offer you the right insurance through a single conversation.
Bringing the best knowledge from the banking and insurance world, we help you to protect what's
truly important.


*Terms and Conditions

Click here for Insurance Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.