Instant Citicard, Citicard PIN & Telephone PIN (TPIN)
帳 戶 檔 案
帳 戶 號 碼
花 旗卡 / 電 話 個 人 密 碼
本 人 要 求 發 出 以 下 項 目:
新 花 旗 卡
(CIN # optional)
信 電 話 個 人 密 碼 (TPIN)
替 換 花 旗 卡
(花 旗卡卡 號 )
替 換 電 話 個 人 密 碼 (TPIN)
替 換 花 旗 卡 個 人 密 碼    
重 要, 請 閱 讀
I agreed to be bounded by the Personal Accounts Terms and Conditions relating to Citicard / TPIN. In relation to the Citicard, I consent to the release, transmission and retention of details of my account(s), Citicard PIN and transaction information and other data as are necessary, to and by such participants and processors in the CIRRUS, STAR, The Exchange, Citishare and / or other networks and such other persons to enable my Citicard to be used at automated teller machine(s) inside and / or outside Singapore, as the case may be. This consent shall be deemed to apply in relation to all and any account now existing or hereafter opened by me with you (or any type or category and whether opened in single or joint name(s) or in trust).
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