Sign Up for Electronic Statements.

Sign Up for Electronic  Statements.
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Receive a gift on us when you enroll on Electronic Statements.

Electronic Statements lets you check your historical transactions (up to 84 months*) easily on Citibank Online - especially when you need to confirm if a transaction was processed. Electronic Statements also save you from paper clutter and tedious filing.

What's more, from now till October 31 2016, simply click here# to sign on to enroll to Electronic Statements and receive a limited edition Citi Dual Lightning/USB cable^ – wire charger for Apple and Android phones.

Take advantage of the convenience of electronic statements and enroll on electronic statements today.

#If you are not registered on Citibank Online, please refer to the steps below to learn how to enroll onto Electronic Statements.

^Terms and Conditions apply. For first 2000pcs successful enrollments only.

* Applicable from April 2010.

Steps to enroll on Electronic Statements through Citibank Online:


Click on the Sign On button

Tips: No USER ID and Password? Click here to register for one today and start enjoying the full convenience of banking on the go.


After signing in to your account, click on Services > My Profile > Electronic Statements and Advices > Enroll/Edit Electronic statement to input your details.


Pre-confirmation page will be displayed.


Check that your details are correct and Click “Confirm”.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to enroll for Electronic Statements.

Alternatively, you request to enroll on Electronic Statements using the following methods:

Send us a secured message by logging in to Citibank Online
Call us: 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at +65 6224 5757