Transfer with ease.

Transfer with ease.

At Citibank, you can transfer funds or pay bills easily through the following methods besides using personal checks.

Citibank Global Transfer

  • Citibank Global Transfer (CGT) service enables you to transfer funds from your Citibank account in Singapore to another Citibank account abroad* cost effectively through Citibank Online. These fund transfers to Citibank accounts around the world take effect immediately.

Telegraphic Transfer

Inward Remittance

  • For inward remittance, please refer to the Inward Remittance Instructions Factsheet.
  • For inward remittance, to ensure that the amount received at Citibank is your intended amount, please inform remitting bank to "Pay the Beneficiary in full"

Outward Remittance

  • For outward remittance, you can sign on to Citibank Online with your User ID and Password to perform an online Telegraphic Transfer. Please click here for the step-by-step guide.


  • Please click here for ONLINE or OFFLINE charges for a Telegraphic Transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Funds Transfer

Have a question on how to transfer funds?


You can transfer your money easily and cost effectively via CGT service. For more information on this service and the transfer limit, please visit the CGT page.

Telegraphic Transfer (Inward)

Handling fee:
For account holders Citibank Singapore does not levy a handling fee for inward remittance. However your inward remittance could be subject to correspondent bank charges.

Please provide your remitter or remitting bank the information stated in the Inward Remittance Instructions Factsheet.

Note: To ensure that the inward remittance amount received at Citibank is your intended deposit amount, please inform your remitting bank to "Pay the Beneficiary in full".

Telegraphic Transfer (Outward)

To ensure that your application is processed promptly, please provide the information accurately in the Interbank Funds Transfer Form.

Payment can be effected in full when you indicate "ALL CHARGES INCLUDING THOSE OF OTHER BANKS TO BE PAID BY ME/US"

Please note if you are sending more than S$1500 overseas, the remitter will be required to provide the following information i.e.:

  1. the name of the remitter;
  2. the remitter's account number; and
  3. the remitter's address (or date and place of birth)

Common Charges

Commission charge for outward remittance:

  1. (A) Withdrawal from Time Deposit and Time Deposit to same party

    To same party account holder - No charge but postage or cable cost (where applicable)

  2. (B) Withdrawal from Transaction Account and Time Deposit to third party (Click here)

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* This service is supported by selected Participating Citibank Branches.

Payee for Telegraphic Transfers (TT)


Click on the drop down menu to select your 'Payee Type'.


A list of different Payee types will be available for your selection. Choose 'TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS'.


Enter your Telegraphic Transfer Payee's details.

If you know your Payee's Global Bank code, you can key it in. If not, you can search for your destination bank using the FIND button.


If you choose to use the FIND button to search for your destination bank, a pop window will appear.

Your can search for your destination bank either by:

  • Searching by 'Destination Country' and 'Bank Name'.
  • Search by 'Routing Method' and 'Routing Code'.


Once you have entered your search options, a list of banks that match your search criteria will be shown.

Select your destination bank from the search results.


Your destination bank's details will be auto-populated in the Payee details screen.

Click on NEXT to add this Payee.


Check that your Payee's details are correct.



To activate your Payee, you will be required to key in a Transaction Authorization code (TAC).

Click on 'continue' then 'confirm' to complete the 'Add payee' process.

Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


Once your are on the 'Payment & Transfers' screen, select your previously added 'Telegraphic Transfer Payee'.


Select the source account and enter the rest of your transaction details.


Check the details for your transaction and click 'CONFRIM & PAY'.


If you are transferring amounts greater than SGD10,000, you will be required to enter a TAC.

Click on 'continue' then 'confirm' to complete the transfer.