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Banking can be complicated, but we're always here to help you with all your queries. Whether you want to know how to add a payee, upload your documents or just know more about your account, reach us quickly and easily with Live Chat – a new feature exclusively for our Digital Bank clients.

  • Prefer talking to typing? Easily switch between Chat and Voice Calls all within the same session

  • Live Chat is safe and secure to use, protected via online authentication

  • Live Chat is available on Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 5pm (Singapore Business Days)

How to use Live Chat in 3 easy steps

  • 1.
    Click on "Live Chat" after you login to Citibank Online. When prompted, enter your One-Time-PIN (OTP) to continue.
  • 2.
    Type your enquiry in the Chat box to start chatting with our Digital Client Care Team.
  • 3.
    To log out of the Chat session, simply close the chat window.

You may also click here to download the Live Chat Quick Start Guide.

  • 1. Click on "Yes" to start your Voice Call.

  • 2. Once your call is connected, speak to our Digital Client Care Manager.

  • 3. Click on to end the conversation.

  • 1. When file is sent, click "+" to view.

  • 2. Click on the file name to download.

  • 3. When the chat ends, you will be able to download and see the list of files that has been sent during the chat session.

  • 1.Digital Client Care Manager starts screen sharing.

  • 2. Document is shown on screen. Click on "+" to open the drawing tools to draw on the document.

  • 3. Digital Client Care Manager can also explain important points with the drawing tools.

Having difficulties accessing Live Chat?

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eMutual Funds 1.5% per trade
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